Get Ready for the Christmas Gift Giving Season!


Christmas is coming! It’s November, and that means you’re probably already seeing decorations everywhere and hearing Christmas songs. You might even have your own holiday decorations up. You may have also started putting together your own Christmas wish list and buying gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you haven’t, it’s time to start! You don’t want to hit December 20th and realize that you haven’t bought a single gift yet. Here are a few tips for preparing for the Christmas season.
Shop Early
Some people say starting your holiday shopping in November is already too late! While that’s not necessarily true, you should start thinking about what you’re going to buy now. This is especially true if you plan to order something. You need to make sure there’s enough time for shipping. Also remember that some items do sell out. If you’re thinking about a great Christmas gift basket, for example, make sure you get your order in as soon as you can. This way, you’ve secured your order. Christmas hampers may sell out, especially those that contain different Christmas cakes and other foods that have to be specially prepared for each basket.
Set Limits
You probably already do this subconsciously, but have limits on what type of gift to get for the different people in your life. For example, you probably won’t spend as much on a co-worker as you will on your parents, spouse, or children. That’s okay, of course. Knowing this up front will help you more easily determine what it is you’re going to get for people.
Many websites do give you the option of viewing gifts by price. Doing so will help you compare only the options you want to see. There are some great gift baskets out there that are very affordable and would be perfect for friends or relatives. The Golf and Beer basket, for example, would be great for a good friend who loves golfing since it’s a good gift that isn’t too extravagant. For your parents or sibling who likes the great outdoors, though, something like the Big Backpack gift basket may be a better option.
Consider Christmas Exclusives
While there are many gifts out there that you can find year-round, there are some that are only available around Christmas time. Great Christmas hampers that include puddings or Christmas cakes are usually not available once December is over, so if you know people who love these treats, now’s the time to get them. Some people wait the entire year just to get their hands on some of these amazing foods.
Food Is a Great Option
Speaking of food, a gift hamper with snacks and beverages makes for a great Christmas gift for those who don’t want anything cluttering up their home. These people may have said that they don’t need any more decorative items, clothing, or other things because they don’t have room for them in their home. But food is always welcome, and it won’t take up space for long! Even the hamper or basket the food comes in can be reused for other things.

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  • Thank you! As per usual your customer service and response is amazing, I actually forwarded your email onto my sister just to remind her how important good customer service is and how as a consumer the little touches make us feel special. My family always enjoys the quality of the packaging and the goods.


  • What an incredible and unexpected surprise on my desk when I returned from my farewell lunch today - I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful gesture which is very much appreciated. I have enjoyed our association and will continue to champion your amazing service.

    Lyn, SAJC Morphettville

  • Hi Heather, my son and family were thrilled with the hamper you delivered today, they say it was the best ever and love everything it contains! Thank you for such wonderful, fast and high quality products and service, will definitely recommend and use again.

    Rosemary Macphail

  • Hi Heather, thank you so much for the great service and quality of food and drink. We had a great time in Adelaide and did not have to waste time in supermarkets.
    And can't thank you enough for your excellent assistance.

    Jenny Colling, NSW

  • Thanks so much for your help here, you certainly “under promised and over delivered”.
    Peter received the lovely gift box yesterday in the afternoon which was fantastic and he really loved the contents of it, so again, thanks for helping out at short notice.

    John Tarrant, NSW

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